Food is the thing that is most directly associated with our daily lives. As a result, it is preferable to be vigilant and cautious when it comes to diet. To keep physically and psychologically well, it is critical to be aware of how to live and what foods to eat. For many years, the Saaol Heart Center has been researching how to be physically and psychologically fit.

It is clear that individuals are today suffering from a variety of diseases, the majority of which are caused by poor eating habits and an unregulated lifestyle. Heart disease, diabetes, excessive blood pressure, and other conditions are examples. Therefore, if the food is eaten consciously while eating the food, that is, if the food itself is eaten as a medicine, then it is seen that the chances of getting all the diseases caused by eating the wrong food are reduced.

“Living a linked lifestyle is like taking medicine.” Dean Arnish, Nathan Pritkin, Michael Gager, Bimal Chajer, and others are among the early believers. They enrolled certain heart disease patients in the trial and permitted them to eat a variety of vegetable dishes on a daily basis. The researchers hypothesized that individuals who ate a healthy diet would be less likely to acquire heart disease. Instead, something absolutely unexpected happened. The heart disease of the patients begins to improve!! That is, without the use of medication or surgery, the arteries begin to open. The individuals in the study had severe triple-vessel heart disease in some cases. At the conclusion of the trial, it was discovered that patients began to recover on their own as a result of consuming more vegetable foods and eliminating high-fat animal foods from their diet. As a result, it is critical for cardiac patients to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Saaol Cardiac Center urges heart patients to maintain their health by making lifestyle changes rather than undergoing surgery.

Maintaining one’s health is a lifetime endeavor. As a result, a person’s effort of keeping healthy must continue throughout his life. The Saaol Heart Center is always there for you in your fight to stay healthy.


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