Cardiac Detox

Cardiac Detox

This therapy has minimal invasion involved in it. No admissions are required, the cost is very low.

Cardiac Detox



Cardiac Detox

This therapy has minimal invasion involved in it. No admissions are required, the cost is very low.


The concept

As we went to a chemical plant a while back, I learned that when chemicals run through a pipe, they react with the pipe walls and form plaque-like obstacles. Eventually, the pipes become clogged from the inside. When I inquired about the treatment, the engineer in charge informed me that the plaques are erased by sending opposing chemicals in the same tube. It’s like when a housewife pours drainex down the kitchen drain to unclog a clogged pipe.

Similarly, it appears obvious that something that has been deposited can be taken away. When transmitted through the body, a blend of biochemicals (all safe for the body and in the correct dosage) has demonstrated results in the reduction of coronary blockages. Antioxidants, EDTA, Vitamins, Isotonic carriers, and PH balancing medicines are among the compounds found in these substances. All of them are administered into the patient via intravenous channel for a two-and-a-half-hour period in order to soften the obstruction and gradually reduce it. Within six to ten infusions, the benefits are visible.

The dosages of the chemicals vary from person to person; and an experienced doctor has to decide which patients could be treated with this treatment.

Has this therapy been proved beneficial?

Despite the fact that many practitioners in India and abroad employ various substances in this type of therapy, the heart hospital system has not encouraged it. The main reason for this is that it is not very profitable. Though it was originally ineffective, it improved after the chemicals used to soften and remove the blockage were modified. Today, Saaol employs the most effective mix.

When Biochemical Angioplasty is combined with lifestyle adjustments, the results become much more effective (Food, Exercise, Yoga, Stress Management, Lowering of blood sugar and fats.)

Why Saaol did not support this therapy initially, but now they have started this themselves?

Things are progressively getting better all across the planet. Only anti-oxidants and extremely high doses of vitamins, according to Dr. J. Whiteker of the United States, can assist clear the blockages. Then we put this exact combo to the test, and the results were as expected. We combined this approach with lifestyle adjustments, and the results were significantly improved. We now have sufficient proofs that demonstrate that this works flawlessly. As a result, we invented the term “Biochemical Angioplasty.” Currently, the name is sent for patenting.

What are the advantages of this Biochemical Angioplasty?

This therapy involves very little invasion. There are no admittance requirements, and the cost is quite modest. Some people get results quickly, such as within three weeks. The angina will vanish, and the patient will be rid of the condition. It was previously in the experimental stage, but we have recently begun to use it in many Saaol branches.

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Cardiac Detox