Natural Bypass (NBP):

In terms of heart disease treatment, natural bypass (NBP) has an almost 100% success rate and it is the most advanced science-based method. NBP uses an EECP/ECP machine, a complete automated, computerized machine. After 30-50 second sessions of treatment using this machine, latent blood vessels are activated which increases blood circulation to the heart's blood supply. Endothelial cell walls in the blood vessels, under pressure and friction produces a chemical called Antigenic Growth Factors (AGF). The AGF opens the latent blood vessels and creates the necessary new blood vessels. One hour of treatment using this machine increases Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) by more than 21%. Treatment using this machine increases anti-inflammatory effects by increasing blood flow in the blood vessels. It also increases the vascular reactivity capacity of the blood vessels. The ECP machine enhances health by increasing blood supply the same way exercise does. This causes the development of cell activity in the lining of the blood vessel. At the time of treatment, endothelin decreases by 40%. Up to one month after the treatment is done it continues to decrease by 20%. Getting treatment using the ECP machine significantly decreases angiotensin II, a hormone which raises blood pressure and can have other damaging effects. Although the creation of collateral blood vessels and their effectiveness takes weeks, positive effects are seen immediately after treatment is started on the machine. This is due to changes in bio-chemistry such as increased levels of nitric oxides and decreasing endometrial levels. These factors have led patients to start feeling better within the first week of treatment.

At Saaol Heart Center, natural bypass treatment is provided everyday from 8:00 am to 9 pm. Generally doctors recommend receiving 35 hours of treatment overall, with individual sessions being one hour each.