Saturday seminar
Sunday seminar
Monday seminar
In search of a healthy life
In the seminar, anyone who can have a heart attack, has one or more heart attacks, bypass surgery or a ring, or anyone who has received advice about these measures can come.
The revolutionary changes in the heart's block treatment, Saaol Heart Center- Bangladesh, are being organized regularly with free saaol heart, cardiovascular yoga, emotional stress, dietary and non-oil cooking seminars.

Three days a week from now:
Saturday at 4 pm - Heart seminar
Sunday 6pm - 'Heart Disease Yoga and' Mental Pressure '
Monday evening at 6pm - 'Diet' and 'cooking without baking'

Interested by the participants to participate in the seminar or to take care of the saaol-
Saaol Heart Center, 26 Eskaton Garden Road, Dhaka.
Tel: +8801744251222.