Saaol Background

In 2008, poet Mohon Raihan went to India to take part in a cultural program. While there, he got a routine checkup at Bypass Apollo, Calcutta. There he tested positive after doing a Treadmill test and was found to have high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. Heart disease specialist, Dr. Robin Chakraborty diagnosed Mohon to have a blockage in the heart and suggested that Mohon do an angiogram. Despite the cost being quite high in Bangladeshi currency and this being a tough choice to make, Mohon agreed.

The next morning after coming out of the doctor’s office with angiogram papers, Mohon felt sad and depressed. While walking through the hospital halls, his eyes suddenly fell upon a bookstall to the side. He proceeded towards the stall and among the many books there, he picked up one book called Relief from Heart Disease – 5 easy step. The author of the book is Dr. Bimal Chhajer-MD, renowned Heartcare and Lifestyle specialist of the Indian subcontinent and one of the leading precursors of non-invasive heart treatment in India. Mohon purchased the book and finished reading it overnight. He decided to not go through with surgery at Bypass Apollo as Mohon’s older brother, a freedom fighter, died within two years of getting bypass surgery by the famous surgeon Devi Sethi.

Mohon returned to Bangladesh. After three months, he returned again to Calcutta to meet with Dr. Chhajer. Based upon Dr. Chhajer’s advice, Mohon joined Saaol Heart camp in Calcutta. There he received effective treatment of heart disease without any operation through the Science And Art of Living (SAAOL) method.

Since then, he has never looked back as has been recovering through the SAAOL treatment method. After that, Mohon brought the SAAOL treatment method to Bangladesh as a treatment option for the millions of heart patients in the country. Initially, he only organized seminars and workshops to increase awareness of cardiovascular disease. Later he established Saaol Heart Center (BD) Limited to fulfill people’s need for heart blockage treatment. In the last 10 years, about 20,000 heart patients have been kept well without surgery. Currently Saaol Heart Center has launched a health movement by creating public awareness in Bangladesh.


Saaol Heart Center (BD) Limited, a pioneer in Bangladesh of cardiovascular treatment without operation, is the 19th branch of India's Saaol Heart Center, established by Dr. Bimal Chhejer-MD, renowned cardiology and public health specialist. On December 10, 2009, Saaol Heart Center (BD) Limited was established in Dhaka located, at # 26, Eskaton Garden Road. At present, the 12 thousand square feet area of this medical center includes the latest EESP machine, heart blockage clearing method, diagnostic laboratory, health-friendly oil-free cafeteria, yoga and meditation areas, modern fitness center, food and Nutrition Department, as well as a clean guest house for patients.

Goals and objectives

Saaol Heart Center’s general goal is to bring people better health facilities and to increase public health awareness. Specifically, Saaol’s mission is to spread important knowledge throughout the country about heart disease treatment, cure, modern medicine, modern medical equipment, ideal lifespans and heart-friendly eating habits. All of this integrated with the SAAOL treatment methodology are designed to improve people’s life. In addition to this, Saaol Heart center will provide medical treatment for life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and mental stress.